Radovan Arnold Healthie Bio Superfoods Packaging
Healthie Bio Superfoods Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Healthie Bio Superfoods Packaging

The goal of the project was to develop a new brand of bio superfoods of a high price range. The development of the brand name was followed by logotype and packaging design. Latter is made of biodegradable cardboard tubing, which is food certified. As the food is healthy and bio, so are the packaging materials and the look and feel of the brand identity and packaging. The group of foods is split into three main color lines, which are based on the colour and main ingredient.

Healthie Bio Superfoods Packaging
Radovan Arnold Healthie
Radovan Arnold Bio Superfoods Packaging
Radovan Arnold design
Radovan Arnold design
Radovan Arnold

Arnoldvuga is now advertising agency, established by Radovan Arnold as a graphic design studio. They are pretty small, but big player on the advertising field in Slovenia. They are a team of a creative ideas and right solutions. They have a lot of experience, know-how and long list of different clients. In their portfolio you can find cases from retail to healtcare, from insurance to shoes, from diggital communication to logo designs, from TV ads to olympic house in PjongChang. They work with wide spectrum of clients including the biggest retailer in Slovenia, Olympic committe of Slovenia, Coca-cola and many more.


Sensilab is company which is commited to consumers and their long, active and healthy life. They are a direct customer relationship food supplement brand that creates strong relationships with consumers basing on consultancy and content management tools. They not just sell products, but rather provide full-service solutions. Products are made with special care and to fullfili all consumer needs. Their concept is 360 nutrition with 4 segments: special food, beauty, sport nutrition and health which.