Li Shou Hung Nostalgic Tunes Restaurant
Nostalgic Tunes Restaurant is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Nostalgic Tunes Restaurant

Designers are using innovative patchwork combinations and geometry to create a flat full with a sense of multi-level by 2.5D. This is a design for an independent beer brand restaurant in Taiwan. They are using a lot of iron fitting and a good image of the brand to create new visual experiences where you can see at the entrance and bar counter.

Nostalgic Tunes Restaurant
Li Shou Hung Nostalgic Tunes
Li Shou Hung Restaurant
Li Shou Hung design
Li Shou Hung design
Li Shou Hung

This year is the eleven year since Li starting his business. At first, he mainly focused on residential design and decoration, but he found that these contents could not satisfy his creative ideas, so he began to learn new directions.Stage design, event planning,Product marketing, etc. He believes that design is a life attitude, which must be built on the experience of culture, blending the times, ideas, stories, trends and so on. "Design is not good or bad, but there must be life, and we are to create life to give the story to the promoter, so our energy is their own enthusiasm."


We integrate brilliant creativity with your marketing strategies to make the accurate scheme. From the beginning,we fully figure out the DNA of your enterprise brand.We combine effective creativity with single or multiple marketing purpose to make the accurate scheme. Under different kinds of condition,our team precisely execute projects with perfect outcomes.We make your display space a perceptible visual space with huge brand power,not just only a display space.