Miko Lim SK Joaillerie Corporate Identity
SK Joaillerie Corporate Identity is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
SK Joaillerie Corporate Identity

SK Joaillerie is a jewelry boutique named after the couple names, Spark and Koyi and Joaillerie means jewelry in French. As the customers adopted French wordings in their brand, the designer decided to align their corporate image with France culture. The design was inspired by a couple fish to be a pendant; Pomacanthus Paru, generally known as France Angel Fish. The fish are almost always seen to appear in pairs, and work as a team to defend their territory against predators and competitors. The meaning behind it is not only romantic but eternity.

SK Joaillerie Corporate Identity
Miko Lim SK Joaillerie
Miko Lim Corporate Identity
Miko Lim design
Miko Lim design
Miko Lim

Miko Lim, started off as a little girl who love drawing and arts in a small city in Malaysia. In 2006, Miko enrolled herself to a diploma in Mass communication in Hanxing Academy of Journalism & Communication. It was there where she figured out her true calling when she took a minor in digital design (Photoshop). Eventually, she grew to work with graphic design, became interested in crafts and creation, and established herself in the design industry after her graduation in the capital of Malaysia. In 2009, Miko father had a stroke, it was there where she decided to quit her high paying job in the city and return home. And it was there, she founded Miko Creative 2010.

SK Joaillerie

SK Joaillerie is an opening soon jewelry specialty retailer in Malaysia. SK is named by Spark and Koyi, and hence the name of the company SK, which is taken from their initial. SK aims to create a jewel brand with a story for each of their delicate design creation. They plan to focus on high end jewelry market. The company was set up in year 2018 and the grand opening is in preparation.