Ana Ramirez Little Red studio Visual Identity
Little Red studio Visual Identity is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Little Red studio Visual Identity

This design is full of meaning. His typography is constructed geometrically as if it were a constructivist poster. It was necessary to give strength and weight to the letters, and the use of the red color gives it solidity and presence. The figure of the Little Red Riding Hood illuminates the R that serves as a frame of reference for the word red. In addition, her pose was chosen because she is ready for action and to face any challenge. His image recalls a world of stories, creativity and play.

Little Red studio Visual Identity
Ana Ramirez Little Red studio
Ana Ramirez Visual Identity
Ana Ramirez design
Ana Ramirez design
Ana Ramirez

Defined as a Designer, she created Little Red studio to help find solutions to customer problems. What characterizes and defines their designs is the global vision, creates designs that put a solution to the root of the problem, not their symptoms. Symptoms are observed to arrive at the problem itself, in this way results are found that meet the objectives and desires of the users. For that, user-centered design and gamification are used, together with innovation and an aesthetic line according to the project.

LR studio

LR studio is a design studio focused on the user and gamification in Bilbao, Spain. Creative and aesthetically attractive experiences are created for clients by combining game, innovation and design methodologies. All this for both digital and graphic projects, what matters is the experience that makes the user feel the product designed, not only covering their needs and objectives, but also creating a link with that product.