Saara Korppi 30s Cognac Glass
30s Cognac Glass is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
30s Cognac Glass

The work was designed for drinking cognac. It is free-blown in a glass studio. This makes every glass piece individual. Glass is easy to grab and looks interesting from all angles. The shape of the glass reflects light from different angles adding extra enjoyment to drinking. Due to the flattened shape of the cup, you can place the glass on the table as you wish resting on either of its sides. The name and idea of the work celebrate the ageing of the artist. The design reflects the nuances of ageing and invokes the tradition of ageing cognac improving in quality.

30s Cognac Glass
Saara Korppi 30s
Saara Korppi Cognac Glass
Saara Korppi design
Saara Korppi design
Saara Korppi

Saara Korppi is a Finnish 34-year-old enthusiastic glassblower and glass designer. She studied 3 years at the Nuutajärvi glass school in Finland and graduated as an Artisan glassblower in 2010. Then, straight after Nuutajärvi she studied one year in the glassblowing postgraduate program in the Nordic Programmer in the Riksglasskolan in Orrefors in Sweden. She continued studies in Orrefors for one year and graduated with a higher education as a Design and Art glassblower in 2013. She has also worked as a glassblower assistant in Norway and Sweden. In addition to this, she has studied at special workshops in Venice in Italy and in the USA. In her studies, she has focused on Venetian glassblowing which includes the production of goblet glasses.

Saara Korppi

Saara Korppi blows glasswork from drinking glasses to chandleries. She designs and blows her own models for herself. Her designs reflect Finnish nature, such as rock formations and the various states of water and its reflections. All items are handmade in Finland.