YaoTian Zhang Zhongping Road Cultural inheritance
Zhongping Road Cultural inheritance is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Category.
Zhongping Road Cultural inheritance

Fuzhou, a well-developed shipping city, is also the gateway to the Maritime Silk Road. As a result, in the Republic of China, it brought prosperity to southeast China. Just like today's protagonist - Zhongping Road. Frankly, it is a landmark which stands for the communication between history and present.

 Zhongping Road Cultural inheritance
YaoTian Zhang  Zhongping Road
YaoTian Zhang Cultural inheritance
YaoTian Zhang design
YaoTian Zhang design
YaoTian Zhang

He is a kind person, creative and pure thinking, designing arts pieces with childhood heart. He believed in historical artifices and long-term developing definitions as well. He likes to combine both old and modern creatives in one. It is this combination that makes his works touching every time. He tried to solve some social problems through the power of design, in order to make some contributions to society within his powers.

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