Igor Komov Industrial Wedding Rings
Industrial Wedding Rings is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Industrial Wedding Rings

The goal of the project was to make "indestructible" wedding rings with industrial aesthetics. This determined the choice of materials: the outer layer of every ring is 3D-printed in titan. The gap in outer shell is left for laser engraving of memorable date or the name of beloved one. The profile of inner silver part is rounded so the rings are very comfortable to wear.

Industrial Wedding Rings
Igor Komov Industrial
Igor Komov Wedding Rings
Igor Komov design
Igor Komov design
Igor Komov

Igor Komov is a jewellery designer from Moscow, Russia, art-director of Alchemia Jewellery brand and director of Jewellery Design course at British Higher School of Art and Design, the winner of Russian Artweek contest, Competition of Author's Jewelry Art in Amber Museum in Kaliningrad, participant of many exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In his design concepts, he investigates various themes and theses: architecture, biology, culture, mechanics and many others, making cross-discipline researches and creating unusual jewellery pieces.

Alchemia jewellery

Alchemia Designers' Jewellery brand is located in Moscow, Russia. It was founded by two MARCHI graduates (now British Higher School of Art and Design tutors) Igor Komov and Katerina Komova. Alchemia aims to create aesthetically-charged jewellery and each its collection is some king of investigation of a certain theme. Artworks of Alchemia Jewellery are represented in several museums of Russia.