Ghazaleh Lebaschi Opera Ring
Opera Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Opera Ring

Conceptual inspiration from Architecture to Jewelry. She always enjoys combining the knowledge, which she has acquired throughout her career. This ring almost seems to incorporate a modern monument, illuminated only by diamonds. Opera is a multi dimensional ring which is made with 34 elements, and set with 306 diamonds, a combination of curiosity and creativity that surpasses traditional rules. Forms and frequencies are used over and over to create perfect aesthetic balance of lines and shapes with meticulous detail. The underside is marked with the Boteh motif, as it is in all her creations.

Opera Ring
Ghazaleh Lebaschi Opera
Ghazaleh Lebaschi Ring
Ghazaleh Lebaschi design
Ghazaleh Lebaschi design
Ghazaleh Lebaschi

She is a dreamer, a hard worker and passionate about almost everything. She likes struggling and resolving new problems and she never choses the simple ways or shortcuts, a kind of perfectionist. She launched her jewelry line at the age of 30, and at that time she was a R&D specialist and an artist. She didn't have much experience as to how a company worked or how to build a brand or how to acquire new costumers, etc. She had no idea how to start actually! Startup was long and difficult but, With long hours, hard work and persistence, now she has become a designer and she knows how get new clients, how to produce large quantities and how to manage a company. She loves nature and she loves traveling. She has also become a photographer while taking photos of her creations.