Agustin Larrosa Maldonado City Corporate Identity
Maldonado City Corporate Identity is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Maldonado City Corporate Identity

Maldonado is a Uruguayan city of coastal tourist attractions, such as whale watching and beautiful beaches. Therefore,it is a place attached to its landscape charms. Maldonado’s population needs to see the logo as the symbol that represents their small town, and be related to it. The logo demonstrates a new, fresh and friendly brand, joining the culture, the environment of the place and its city name initial as a essencial referent element.

Maldonado City Corporate Identity
Agustin Larrosa Maldonado City
Agustin Larrosa Corporate Identity
Agustin Larrosa design
Agustin Larrosa

A lover of design, he defines himself as a design addict and is thinking about improving each graphic piece all the time. He loves to work on the identity of a brand, immerse himself in the process of creativity and design through basic elements but with great visual impact, accompanied by a chromatic palette a little electric. To illustrate with your hand and transform these into vectors, and to work and play with a lot of typographies, has become your passion.


PIMBA is a Graphic Design Studio focused on Corporative Identity. We love designing with basic elements but yet great visual impact. We use a saturated and electric color range. We believe that a good communication is generated through the fusion between a good typographic choice and a deconstructed touch of shapes and colors that will combine the most free, simple and friendly ideas for the viewer's vision.