Chih-Chieh Tien Memory of Purple Residential House
Memory of Purple Residential House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Memory of Purple Residential House

For the complete space integrating the indoor and outdoor environment, the phytoncide, fresh air and sunlight smoothly filter through the wood blinds in the house. In the living room, the main wall, rather than normally being installed with TV, is adorned with the copper wall-mounted shelf, which is the one-of-a-kind feature in this design project.

Memory of Purple Residential House
Chih-Chieh Tien Memory of Purple
Chih-Chieh Tien Residential House
Chih-Chieh Tien design
Chih-Chieh Tien design
Chih-Chieh Tien

Born in 1984, 8-year working experiences. Proficient styles: Japanese, and LOFT. Design ideas: Focusing the interactive relationship between people and space layout, and minimizing the redundant decorations. Advocating that the space is where bonding closely the family relationship, and that the public-space connection intensifies the preferential functionalities and characteristics for people.

Yu Chu Interior Design

Situated at Zhubei, Yu Chu Interior Design is the design team concerning the space and design. We care about the design originality, and we expect to present the influence of design and the value of architectural space by considering the relationship between space and people. We believe that the design is the non-stopped exploration, the consolidation of new elements and space, and the widespread of spatial impact on life. It has been 9 year since the start-up of Yu Chu, we devote to developing interior design business covering the residential, commercial, villa and farmhouse. We want to create the design works exceptionally consolidating interior and architectural design, which have superior impact on the people, family and life. Our design idea is creating the great design works that improve the interactive relationship among people.