Justin Yu ParkUp Placemaking Service
ParkUp Placemaking Service is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Meta, Strategic and Service Design Award Category.
ParkUp Placemaking Service

With issues on city development nowadays, ParkUp series projects has decided to focus on renovating vacant lots throughout cities by conducting customized spatial experiments and turns them into creative open spaces. ParkUp follows 3 design principles (under 165 sqm, inclusive design, localization) and is supported by a set of modular assembling system (ParkUp Tools). Currently there are 3 pieces of work accomplished, from a fitness-oriented park (ParkUp GT), to a children’s playground (ParkUp DT) and a multifunctional design pavilion (ParkUp SYC).

ParkUp Placemaking Service
Justin Yu ParkUp
Justin Yu Placemaking Service
Justin Yu design
Justin Yu design
Justin Yu

Justin Yu is a founder and investor in several startups and has also been invited to serve as a member of the Executive Yuan’s Youth Advisory Committee. In 2010, Yu co-founded Plan b, a planning consultancy that promotes the notion of sustainable development as a tool. Over the years, Plan b has provided distinctive solutions for a diverse clientele including domestic and international businesses, NPOs, and government agencies. 2015, the Produce department was added to the firm, specializes in revitalizing idle urban spaces and has reinvented a number of spaces that have been recognized through various design and social innovation awards.

Plan b

Plan b, a consultancy firm primarily specialized in Sustainable Development, aims to provide practical solutions to every issues and problems in our modern days. Plan b provides primary services from planning and consultancy to everything interesting enough, realizing authorized as well as in-house projects through the mindset of sustainable development and well-founded multi-sectional analysis of society, economy and environment.