HO YU LIU The Moon’s Ocean Pendant
The Moon’s Ocean Pendant is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
The Moon’s Ocean Pendant

This design looks simplistic on the face of it but once you get up close and admire the incredible detail you will appreciate its beauty. A blue sapphire is surrounded by a variety of tiny gemstones. This design is unique because it is a metaphor for the ocean and nature. When being viewed by others, it will remind people how important nature is in our lives.

The Moon’s Ocean Pendant
HO YU LIU The Moon’s Ocean
HO YU LIU Pendant
HO YU LIU design
HO YU LIU design

Ho yu liu is full of enthusiasm for the universe and the pure ore of nature, linking her artistic connotation, incorporating artistic beauty and enthusiasm in jewelry design, and the sparks of the two make the jewelry works unique and bright better and better. Through the jewelry works, people feel joy and happiness.

Via Jewelry

We would like to express the beautiful memory and blessing by this brand name of VIA JEWELRY. Every ore is a unique gift that nature has given us. We should cherish this gift and thank nature for its kindness. We will continue to design better works for people with this initial heart.