Maurice Lacy Seychelle Outdoor Folding Sofa
Seychelle Outdoor Folding Sofa is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Seychelle Outdoor Folding Sofa

The outdoor sofa has been designed for ease of use and to solve the problems of ageing due to exposure normally associated with outdoor furniture. When closed, the outer shell transforms into a bench seat, protecting the sofa when retracted internally from wind, rain, dust and UV radiation, at the same time resolving the need for any additional storage area, when the sofa is not in use. The sofa opens or closes with a single motion. If, necessary, the marine-grade upholstery can be removed or replaced for colour change or repairs, greatly extending the furniture lifespan.

Seychelle Outdoor Folding Sofa
Maurice Lacy Seychelle
Maurice Lacy Outdoor Folding Sofa
Maurice Lacy design
Maurice Lacy design
Maurice Lacy

Maurice Lacy Designs IVS is a new company, which aims to change the face of outdoor living through invention and an innovative approach to outdoor furniture. Practicality and durability are at the heart of each design. The company seeks to bring the ease of use and comfort of indoor furniture to the outdoors, and challenge the mass-produced, throwaway mentality commonly associated with outdoor furniture.


This is a new start up company, registered in Denmark at the beginning of 2019. The first 3 design releases are all outdoor pieces designed by Maurice Lacy. These include the patented SEYCHELLE sofa as entered into the A-design Awards , the SEYCHELLE ottoman and SEYCHELLE storage coffee table. The coffee table will soon incorporate a solar panel topped a range of electronic supplements. Maurice lacy Designs market goal is the supply of high end long life products for export. As the company develops, the intension is to collaborate with fellow designer friends and electronic engineers from Asia, Australia and Denmark. The goals of the company is to bring different cultural influences together as one international team. A sales percentage will also be set aside for humanitarian projects in Southeast Asia, such as the non profit Blue Dragon Organisation. Maurice Lacy Designs IVS is still at the early stages of seeking the right counterparts in further development and manufacturing, so as to reach the best possible outcomes for innovative and quality design. At the same time the idea is to not necessarily be confined to furniture design only. The company will soon welcome in a talented fresh young Danish designer.