Mihye Je Ppcb Personal Banking
Ppcb Personal Banking is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Ppcb Personal Banking

By using a card based layout, they grasped trendiness, unique brand identity with its visual identity and the trust of a financial institution all together. Good use of bold fonts allows for easy recognition of information and readability. Despite the amount of information, the design is harmonious with clear intents through colors with clear contrast, flat design, a clean and organized layout, and clear direction. The design will allow the users to have a uniform brand experience as well as freshness, comfort, and trust.

Ppcb Personal Banking
Mihye Je Ppcb
Mihye Je Personal Banking
Mihye Je design
Mihye Je design
Mihye Je

Mihye, who studied Multimedia at university in 2007, started her designer’s career while she was studying Visual design at graduate school in 2009. At the same time, she accumulated the experience of editorial design at a design agency in Seoul, South Korea. She was interested in UX/UI because she believed she was able to make the most of her ability and knowledge for design and multimedia. It made her lead to UX/UI and she started her UI designer career after completing the master’s degree. She joined at a start-up in 2012 and experienced from first and last process for mobile services as a UX/UI designer. In 2013, she successfully closed numerous projects for Samsung electronics, NH Bank and etc. at Isobar Korea. She joined at Eco Bridge Company which is provide total UX services in South Korea and has worked as a senior product designer since 2015. She terminated various projects not only for the Korean clients such as Samsung, CJ Hello and KT but also for Hyundai Motorsport(Germany), PPCB(Cambodia) and etc. until now.

Phnom Penh Commercial Bank

PPCBank is a commercial bank which is based on Phnom Penh in Cambodia. PPCBank has welcomed a new beginning with strong shareholders Jeonbuk Bank Co., Ltd., Apro Financial Co., Ltd. and JB Woori Capital Co., Ltd. With new changes PPCB will continue to serve and provide new products that will enhance customers’ lives and banking experience. PPCBank will immediately begin a digital banking project focused on a mobile platform to make the banking experience easier for its customers. PPCBank is planning to expand its service with Japan desk, China desk and the launch of a Korea desk.