Arun Tillak Emporio Retail Store
Emporio Retail Store is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Emporio Retail Store

Emporio explores ceramic surfaces, sanitary & bath culture. A space that allows one to explore rituals and culture of bathing. The interior space is a reflection of the site geometry. This 4,000 sqm retail store exhibits products from various brands of bath culture & wellness. The store allows user to explore or experience the products exhibited physically & digitally. The choice of material, color, textures, various nuances of light of the interior leads to a whole new experience.

Emporio Retail Store
Arun Tillak Emporio
Arun Tillak Retail Store
Arun Tillak design
Arun Tillak design
Arun Tillak

He is an passionate designer looking to bring a change in perfection in every design challenge that is thrown on table.

Atmof Architects

Atmof Architects founded by ArunTillak K & Mohammad Favas K, is a Bangalore-based multidisciplinary design studio practicing Architecture, Interior, Product & Graphic design. They work for individual or company in Residential, Commercial, Retail & Hospitality sectors. They are a closely knit bunch of architects/ designers highly creative. They enjoy by carving innovative solutions to every project by understanding clients need. They believe good design are ones that evolves in time through strategic process.