GAO XIONG Yuyue LongmenHotpot Restaurant
Yuyue LongmenHotpot Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Yuyue LongmenHotpot Restaurant

Yuyue LongmenHotpot is the cultural hot pot restaurant in Chengdu, China. As far as, variety of Chengdu hot pots are rising in the market, the designer hopes to get beyond the conventional mindset and create a fancy design with creative and unparalleled features. The composition of postmodern style and Chinese specifications could provide a different dining experience for customers.

Yuyue LongmenHotpot Restaurant
GAO XIONG Yuyue LongmenHotpot
GAO XIONG Restaurant
GAO XIONG design
GAO XIONG design

The design needs the accumulation of life experience and is also a performance after internal precipitation. The design work itself is an interesting learning process.The experience of life can produce an endless supply of creative inspiration and inspire a richer passion for life,such as the artists or musicians who can always stir up the sensitive nerve of our emotions with the same brushes or instruments through their own brilliant personality and talent-filled performance The clients proposed a higher request on the designing tither.therefore,he is no longer to considerate every details as the manager,but to concern the consumers ,mental experiences during the consuming manager.The resule is magnificent.The customers were convinced by the unprecedented good joys.

Yuyue LongmenHotpot restaurant

He is a group of young entrepreneurs component brand, introduced Chongqing hot pot in China, hoping to break through the traditional hot pot achievement of an innovative feature belongs to young Chinese culture fashion hot pot brand.