Daniel Hu Simply Living Residence
Simply Living Residence is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Simply Living Residence

The design focuses on optimizing spatial comfort to the max, so that every angle taken during the working or living program can be connected with one another so that not only the connection and extension of the space is strengthened, but the most important core value of the entire floor plan layout is hence established. Through the lens of deconstructionism methodology, it redefines the space by boldly opening up portioning, as flexible door and wall spaces unify the living room, dining room and master bedroom area in maximizing the spatial usage efficiency in fulfilling either work or living.

Simply Living  Residence
Daniel Hu Simply Living
Daniel Hu Residence
Daniel Hu design
Daniel Hu design
Daniel Hu Interiors

Space should be of pure form without any impurity imbued, without becoming an accumulation of posh vocabulary, while unimpressed by superficiality, nor blindly acquiring senseless tastes, instead, the cultivation of curiosity may lead to the unspoken beauty in everyday life, and furthering mirroring the unique innate perspective that has been enriching all of us.