Juan Jose Montes KOS Pantry Labels
KOS Pantry Labels is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
KOS Pantry Labels

The objective for the project was to create a playful, fun, educating, clean and straight-forward visual identity for KOS that would be mostly displayed through their packaging. That is why KOS' labels boasts a clean composition that tell customers exactly what each product is and how it can benefit them through a series of customized illustrations (each individual product has its own illustrated character) that depict each product's benefits and qualities.

KOS Pantry Labels
Juan Jose Montes KOS Pantry
Juan Jose Montes Labels
Juan Jose Montes design
Juan Jose Montes design
Juan Jose Montes

Juan Jose Montes is a graphic designer from Cali (Colombia): the salsa-dancing capital of the world. He is passionate about illustration and visual communication which has led him to focus on his work on packaging and branding as stages for people to tell powerful stories. As a designer, he believes in the power of details, in human-centered design, in kindness, in respect, in equality, and in Quality over Speed.

KOS Naturals

KOS Naturals is a company based in Santa Barbara, California, dedicated to distribute high-quality plant-based supplements. They believe that within each person lies the power to live a healthy life and that with the right components, everyone could bring nutritional balance into their lives. Just like what Hippocrates, the father of medicine, believed. They believe the busy lifestyle in the United States has made people about how food should look like, how meals should be distributed and what type of nutrients people should be looking to consume, and that is what they are looking to bring to the table. They believe that natural products are the perfect catalysts to get everyone back on track to those glorious days where food wasn’t tainted, where “NON-GMO”, “grass-fed” or “organic” didn’t have to be claimed because they were not the exceptions, but the rule.