Reham Ezzeldin Opulence Stair Vestibule
Opulence Stair Vestibule is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Opulence Stair Vestibule

RZ design studio followed eclectic style to design the stairs vestibule. The space was successfully shown as an artistic feature that reflected simultaneous harmony. They have precisely chosen the materials that blend efficiently together. Selecting the stone blue color added an ambiance to the space. RZ design studio went into every details varying from wall panneau, niches, floor pattern to every furniture piece. However, the daylight and artificial lighting played a main role to produce this spirit. They aimed to achieve the client’s requirements within a simple luxury.

Opulence Stair Vestibule
Reham Ezzeldin Opulence
Reham Ezzeldin Stair Vestibule
Reham Ezzeldin design
Reham Ezzeldin design
Reham Ezzeldin

RZ Design Studio is an interior design studio; Architecture and Landscape design. We exemplify creativity in every sense of the word. We are committed to deliver inspired designs that fulfills our client expectations through collaboration and exceptional service in order to deliver high end luxurious and innovative designs. We believe timeless architectural solutions are those that provide memorable, inspiring, and connected spaces. The goal is the creation of interiors that are both functional and elegant, while evoking a sense of place. Our design approach begins with something as simple as a line, a sentence, a touch for each piece.

RZ Design Studio

RZ Design Studio took out the client needs & priorities and translated them into a design base as everything in the design phase were built on it, as the design progress were built on presenting the chosen style by the client into a different design to impress out the user and to make him feel the difference of having a unique, luxurious & artistic home by considering how combine different type of materials, textures & colors in order to produce a comfort unique design that reached the client’s satisfaction.