Yunsong Liu Meo Folded Cat Box
Meo Folded Cat Box is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Category.
Meo Folded Cat Box

This is a foldable cat box for cats to take care of their kittens. People usually make a carton as a contemporary cat box when the cat is about to give birth, which is unhygienic and occuppied the space after being used. In this design, the way of folding allow people to quickly store it. The box is placed with urinal pads printed with numbers, which could inform the owners the birth days of kittens and remind the owner to change the mattress in time to keep hygienic. Each mattress has important tips for the growth of kittens, so that people can help the cats to raise kittens.

Meo Folded Cat Box
Yunsong Liu Meo
Yunsong Liu Folded Cat Box
Yunsong Liu design
Yunsong Liu design
Yunsong Liu

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