Annemarie Ambrosoli Friends Forever Artwork
Friends Forever Artwork is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Friends Forever Artwork

Friends forever is a watercolor on paper and derives from a original idea by Annemarie Ambrosoli who creates moments of real life using mainly geometric shapes, observing people, their characters, their delusions, their feelings. The circles, the games of the lines, the originality of the hats, the earrings, the dresses give great strength to this artwork. The technique of watercolor with its transparencies enriches the shapes and colors that overlap creating new nuances. Observing the work friends forever the viewer perceives the close relationship and the silent dialogue between the figure

Friends Forever Artwork
Annemarie Ambrosoli Friends Forever
Annemarie Ambrosoli Artwork
Annemarie Ambrosoli design
Annemarie Ambrosoli

The designs by Annemarie Ambrosoli, artist painter, are simple geometric shapes but it is the simplicity of the form that makes the design interesting. The project must prove and be credible and must give the message that Annemarie Ambrosoli wants to convey. Her ideas are born day by day. The perspective is not part of the designs by Annemarie Ambrosoli, because the figures are not three-dimensional, but in their simplicity must represent a concept, an idea. Also the deep knowledge of color makes the final work unique. The designs by Annemarie Ambrosoli can be used by printing the designs on material of different kinds. Annemarie Ambrosoli can create designs of objects produced in different materials or objects of ornament produced in gold or other similar materials