Egwin Wilterdink Pampiermole Beer Label
Pampiermole Beer Label is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Pampiermole Beer Label

The user can adjust the label himself, without being dependent on external help. This is because the client can make his own labels by adjusting the pdf document. This allows the brewery to print the labels or have them printed externally true offset. The fonts are embedded in the design. The name of the beer, the ingredients, the content, the bestbefore, the color of the beer and the bitterness of the beer can be adjusted. Changes to a layout can be made by making layers visible or invisible.

Pampiermole Beer Label
Egwin Wilterdink Pampiermole
Egwin Wilterdink Beer Label
Egwin Wilterdink design
Egwin Wilterdink design
Egwin Wilterdink

The company has existed for 7 years and is a sole proprietorship. The customers are mainly local and small. The company mainly makes online work. Think of websites, online banners, or User Interfaces. For offline work, the company tries to look for useful tools to automatically fill the content. We also check whether the side itself can easily change the content. So that the customer is ultimately self-sufficient. The company also works closely with a programmer. Together with this programmer, the company puts products on the market. You should think of a tool that automatically places contect on the website without having to log into a CMS system.


The customer has a small home brewery that he practiced purely for the hobby. The beer he makes is only used internally and is therefore not sold or put on the market. The customer brews various types of beer, including tripple, blonde and dark beer. He started brewing from 2015.