Mohsen Jafarimalek Enkel Rygg Automatic Bath Brush
Enkel Rygg Automatic Bath Brush is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Enkel Rygg Automatic Bath Brush

Nowadays people take care of their skin much more than before. There are so many devices in the market available for facial skin exfoliation, They looking for a new device load with some new features that help people to wash their body in the bath fast and easy but in this device, they add some extra components that make a bath lot more enjoyable and fun. Four different pads will let the user choose what to do during the bath time, Pumic and massage pads are available too. The user wouldn't get worried about the battery replacement, because of the wireless charging.

Enkel Rygg Automatic Bath Brush
Mohsen Jafarimalek Enkel Rygg
Mohsen Jafarimalek Automatic Bath Brush
Mohsen Jafarimalek design
Mohsen Jafarimalek design
Mohsen Jafarimalek

Always thinking about new ideas and fresh style for everyday products I use. thinking about how could it be if it has a different look, shape or even function. "How could I make it work/look better" this is the sentence pop up in my mind when I see a product. I'm working hard to achieve this, I started to work on my brand last year.

Enkel Design

Enkel Design is a brand looking to add more style and color to the bathroom and other living areas at the houses. Enkel word is a Swedish word meaning Simple because we love the simplicity of the Nordic countries design. Enkel Design products are simple, colorful, functional.