Vulca Studio Sunrise Interior Experience
Sunrise Interior Experience is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sunrise Interior Experience

On average 2,500 people visit this store everyday, so the designers get to enrich and be a small part of the lives of a lot of people. Their client’s stores core target market had historically been low to mid-income, working class consumers, however for this project they wanted to upgrade and encompass the middle class consumers. The design was created with the use of many colors and natural textures like wood.

Sunrise Interior Experience
Vulca Studio Sunrise
Vulca Studio Interior Experience
Vulca Studio design
Vulca Studio design
Vulca Studio

Vulca Studio is a design studio that finds beauty in every day objects and nature, activities and spaces, and must of all in the well done and thought things. They think that multidisciplinary teams makes the must nurished projects and believe that every person, regardless age, profession or preferences, can contribute to enrich every problem that is trying to be solved. They also believe that design is a tool to improve the world, and that through a conscius design mindset, a lot of good can be made.

Vulca Studio

In Vulca Studio we believe that we can "make a better world one design at a time". Through design is possible to connect with people using resources in a smart way. Vulca Studio was founded in 2006, and ever since they have been making projects for retail, hospitality and branding sectors, making a multidisciplinary boutique agency at the services of good, smart and functional design.