Dong Han Return Sculpture
Return Sculpture is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Return Sculpture

The symbolic meaning of rooster culture has appeared in their respective countries and nations, symbolizing the totalitarianism of patriarchal society and the fearless, arrogant and untouchable leader temperament. Artists use the visual language of sculpture to express a kind of aloof and arrogant temperament. It attempts to replace realism with pure form, to grasp some stable elements from accidental changes, and to give these elements a face close to abstraction, thus making it obtain free changes. This work is a return to the original naturalism.

Return Sculpture
Dong Han Return
Dong Han Sculpture
Dong Han design
Dong Han design
Dong Han

Han dong has participated in and created landscape, sculpture and murals design for many exhibition halls and museums, as well as artistic jewelry creation. Han dong studio was founded in Beijing 798 art district in 2006. He has held many personal exhibitions and been invited to participate in international joint exhibitions. His works are inspired by nature and primitive culture. His works are abstract and full of vitality, simple and full of spirituality. Anthropology, as his spiritual and cultural resource, makes his art have spiritual connotation different from most modern and contemporary artists. He is also an excellent sculpture artist who can make good use of classical sculpture language.

Han Dong Studio

Han Dong Studio, founded in Beijing in 2006, specializes in sculpture and art jewelry. ANIMISM is the theme of a series of works created by Han Dong Studio in the past three years. Including sculpture and art jewelry. Original art is the source of creative inspiration. It emphasizes the integration of human, animal and nature. Through this series of works, hope to express the strong vitality and the state of human freedom.