Moataz Mohamed Sheikh El Burger Logo Branding
Sheikh El Burger Logo Branding is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
Sheikh El Burger Logo Branding

In the Arabian culture, the word 'Sheikh' describes the highest ranking attained for gratitude, fairness, humbleness and positive leadership. This is how the brand was positioned: slang the target audience could relate to and say in their everyday communication. Common word of mouth that translates to quality, heritage and market leadership. The moustache is the 'Sheikh' trademark, the experienced, iconic male figure of the Middle East. For that, it was used with design elements that were bold, striking, stacked in their lettering and packing an eye catching punch.

Sheikh El Burger Logo Branding
Moataz Mohamed Sheikh El Burger
Moataz Mohamed Logo Branding
Moataz Mohamed design
Moataz Mohamed design
Moataz Mohamed

Moataz is a creative professional with comprehensive creative, art and design direction experience. He has worked for international and local brands and agencies and has a successful track record of team leadership and management. Throughout his career, Moataz’s work was published in several areas in the Middle East, including - but not limited to - Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia.

Moataz Mohamed

My branding is a simple description of my personality filled with art, intellectual creativity and a contemporary lifestyle that highlights the features of my work and my life. The line expresses the vitality, the art and the independent thought that stems from his own ideas, which help in an unlimited artistic presentation that highlights my vital personality.