Huei-Min Tu Retro Punk Salon
Retro Punk Salon is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Retro Punk Salon

The house is 5 decades old, and the old housing is renovated based on extremely slim budget, the interior layout is reorganized while keeping the sense of history of the original building, the old staircase as well as the architectural structure, which is renovated using industrial punk sentiment, symbolizing the implications of being retro, innovative and unique, which are the three indispensable spirits to fashion hair design, and this is how the design concept of “Retro Punk” was originated.

Retro Punk Salon
Huei-Min Tu Retro Punk
Huei-Min Tu Salon
Huei-Min Tu design
Huei-Min Tu design
Huei-Min Tu

Through behavioral observation and imitation, people seek self-identity in the group. The form in space is also like shaping a personal style. At the same time, we seek our own value in deconstructing and reshaping the space. A good sense of space will resonate with the personality of the user; understanding the habits and preferences of the user is my persistent belief. We hope that we can experience and work together to achieve a beautiful design process.


"Create a tasteful space for our customers and create a quality life for ourselves." We are a group of design teams with strong obsession and keen observation of "beauty" things. In order to realize the ideals of a beautiful city, we are committed to creating an environmentally friendly aesthetic design. High specification professional quality different from traditional design companies, we pay attention to the quality of life of designers.