Ingrid Kulper Astron Shape Shifting Rug
Astron Shape Shifting Rug is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Astron Shape Shifting Rug

Astron Rug Tiles are designed specifically for countries with warm and hot summers, where a rug is mainly desired in the cold season. The Bench has a special Wheel Barrow function where the Rug tiles easily will fit and can be stored when not in use. Will also be suitable also for Hotel lobbies and Boutique entrances. Possible for the client to create many different and creative formations depending on how the Rug pieces are placed next to each other. As each Rug Tile has an Anti-slip Material attached neatly, the Rug Tiles remain perfectly in place and can also be easily be replaced when dirty.

Astron Shape Shifting Rug
Ingrid Kulper Astron
Ingrid Kulper Shape Shifting Rug
Ingrid Kulper design
Ingrid Kulper design
Ingrid Kulper

Mattahari originates from Matahari which means the center from the sun and was founded by Ingrid Kulper in 2008. The belief that color and form in our surrounding contributes to our wellbeing both consciously and unconsciously is the main focus of Mattahari. Using only natural materials like Bamboo fiber, wool and bananafiber in all Mattaharis products. The design is based on sacred geometry and all the different patterns found in nature, like the sunflower and pinecone. Speciality: Unique custom made rugs for projects and private homes

Ingrid Külper Design AB / Mattahari

This product was designed by Ingrid Külper for Ingrid Külper Design AB, brand Mattahari. The ulterior clients are for customers who wish a warming rug on the floor during the cold season, as this product is easily stored away if desired in the Wheel barrow Bench during the warm and hot season. Also very much suited for lobbys and boutique entrances as the Rug tiles can be placed in various different creative formations to enhance and enfold with the interior and other products displayed.