Atsuko Tateno Face Animal Portrait
Face Animal Portrait is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Face Animal Portrait

Atsuko Tateno has a 5 years old dog who can express her emotion. She wondered that the other kind of animals do the same thing like her dog does. Atsuko observed animals at zoo. She couldn’t find any changes of their facial expression at that time. But she took photos of them, and went home. There were a lot of animals who have feelings and show those emotions on their faces when she checked the pictures she took. She retouched photos because she wanted their face stood out against the plain background.

Face Animal Portrait
Atsuko Tateno Face
Atsuko Tateno Animal Portrait
Atsuko Tateno design
Atsuko Tateno

Atsuko Tateno learnd photography at University of Central Oklahoma. and she loved Photography. She was scared to work as a photographer, because she knew working was not just a fun. So she worked as a web designer from 2008-2014. She lives in Japan and raising her 3 years old daughter. She spends most of the time with her daughter. She has started seeking opportunities of being a photographer, since her daughter’s kindergarden-school will start on this April, and she will have more available time.

Atsuko Tateno

Atsuko Tateno graduated from University Of Central Oklahoma. Her major was Photojournalism. She went back to Japan after the graduation. She became a web-designer instead of a photographer to persue her interest in design field. But she could not stop her feeling about being a professional photographer. She is a amature photographer, who has a dream of being a professional photgrapher, and a retoucher.