Lo Yee Cheung Adrian Good Health Light Anti Neurodegeneration Lamp
Good Health Light Anti Neurodegeneration Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
Good Health Light Anti Neurodegeneration Lamp

The sculptural design aims to preserve diminishing craftsmanship of traditional bird cage making with a contemporary improvisation. It resemble the collective memory of aged people for relieving Alzheimer's Disease. The design brings a bold propaganda of attention to the cultural heritage as well as awareness to elderly through the seamless assimilation between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. This retrofit resin 3D printed birdcage aims to relieve Alzheimer's Disease progression via triggering social mingling and story telling by elderly in aged homes.

Good Health Light Anti Neurodegeneration Lamp
Lo Yee Cheung Adrian Good Health Light
Lo Yee Cheung Adrian Anti Neurodegeneration Lamp
Lo Yee Cheung Adrian design
Lo Yee Cheung Adrian design
Lo Yee Cheung Adrian

The Budding Architect, Adrian LO, was received his training in the field of product design in UK, followed by a Bachelor and Master degree in Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. He was nominated by the Architecture Department to be one of the two first exchange student in MIT, US. Loving design, Adrian enjoys taking part in architecture related events, institutional activities, and open design competitions. He was honored with nearly 20 regional and international design awards in recent years. LICC, Revit Cup and IDA are just a few. His voluntary involvement includes Architecture Walk, Young Member Committee, Media Resources & Publication Committee (HKIA) and Architecture Tram Tour (HKAC) etc. Adrian loves reading architecture through traveling and rethinking architect via bold assumptions. Through constant observations and learning, he appreciates very much the importance of green & sustainability in architecture and public spaces design. These concepts have been reflected in most of his major works.


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