Nepto Shield Watch
Shield Watch is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Shield Watch

This design is inspired by the Paris coat of arms, the symbol of the powerful corporate body of the Marchands de l'eau ("water merchants"). It brings some originality to classic watches shapes and is designed to empower the wrist of people wearing it. By playing with the lines and the geometric shapes, Nepto offers a new design to this iconic object. The harmony of form, refined lines, precise proportions: this is what the Shield design offers. This aesthetic is for enthusiasts in search of fine timepieces, bold and unconventional.

Shield Watch
Nepto Shield
Nepto Watch
Nepto design
Nepto design

A Nepto watch is a jewel of character, whose art is to reveal the unique style of each individual. The complexity of a watch's aesthetics is to make it visible through its design and shape while integrating it perfectly into the person's clothing style. This is why NEPTO pays close attention to the shape of the box itself, which will instantly differentiate it from competing brands. The shape of the Nepto Shield is inspired by the coat of arms of Paris, a shield with a boat and the Seine, accompanied by the famous Fluctuat Nec Mergitur.


Nepto wants to offer to the broadest public, original and high-quality unisex watches at an affordable price. Founded by two french living in Berlin, the brand is combining Parisian elegance and Berlin extravagance. Launched in December 2018, NEPTO is synonymous with duality: it is intended to be both Parisian and Berliner, elegant and extravagant, dark and colorful. An opposition of style that offers aesthetic richness symbolized by two collections: N°1 and SHIELD.