Yumiko Yoshikawa Touch Ring
Touch Ring is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Touch Ring

With a simple gesture, an action of touch conveys rich emotions. Through the Touch ring, the designer aims to convey this warm and formless feeling with cold and solid metal. 2 curves are joined to form a ring that suggests 2 people holding hands. The ring changes its aspect when its position is rotated on the finger and viewed from different angles. When the connected parts are positioned between your fingers, the ring appears either yellow or white. When the connected parts are positioned on the finger, you can enjoy both yellow and white color together.

Touch Ring
Yumiko Yoshikawa Touch
Yumiko Yoshikawa Ring
Yumiko Yoshikawa design
Yumiko Yoshikawa design
Yumiko Yoshikawa

Japanese-born designer Yumiko Yoshikawa first began to appreciate the power of jewelry when shopping for her own perfect wedding band. Feeling the emotional significance of jewelry, she enrolled herself in a nine-month-long metalsmithing course at Studio Jewelers Ltd. in New York. She also continues to study in CAD technique. With this training and MBA, she started her brand in 2015. She is known for her delicate and playful design with a feminine, graceful look. Currently she travels between Hong Kong and Tokyo and exhibits her jewelry mainly in Japan.

Yumiko Yoshikawa

Yumiko Yoshikawa started her jewelry design career in 2015. She uses space and lines in delicate, playful, and bold manner. The result is a jewelry with a beautiful rhythm and timeless elegance. Comprised of well-constructed and meticulously selected material, her jewelry fits gently on your skin and stays with you like a gentle embrace.