Djivan Schapira Andromeda Cocktail Table
Andromeda Cocktail Table is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Andromeda Cocktail Table

Blurring the line between fine art and functional furniture, Andromeda's table top is created by way of ABDB's patent pending end grain process. Surrounded in a sea of midnight blue, each recycled wooden disc on Andromeda's surface has a story to tell in their own natural rings. When viewed as a whole under its high-gloss finish, the collective end grain design creates a mosaic-type galaxy as if looking into the stars above. Andromeda's top also features a brass wire inlay along its edge, and is set on a spaceship-style base consisting of two brass legs and a single midnight blue resin leg.

Andromeda Cocktail Table
Djivan Schapira Andromeda
Djivan Schapira Cocktail Table
Djivan Schapira design
Djivan Schapira design
Djivan Schapira

Djivan Schapira is a French-born 25-year old artist, designer, craftsman, and founder of ABDB Designs. After completing a 10-year apprenticeship in woodworking with his father, a master woodworker, Schapira launched ABDB (Au Bout Du Bois) Designs as a platform to channel his creativity, and provide breathtaking functional furniture, art, and accent paneling to the world. Blurring the lines between art and furniture, Schapira's pieces incorporate his one of a kind, patent pending process of stylistically embedding cross-cuts of recycled wooden end grain in colored resin. Schapira's obsession with end grain came from working with his father at an early age, and while at Parsons, Schapira discovered his appreciation for patterns and symmetry. Additionally, while studying architecture at Parsons, Schapira came to the realization that understanding architecture was necessary for setting a new bar in furniture design. This epiphany led to the pursuit of his vision by leveraging his symmetrically positioned the end grain discs while also allowing the end grain's natural beauty and unique properties speak for themselves. Schapira believes that by creating a process and a product never before seen in the art or furniture world, he can inspire others to follow their dreams of creating no matter how radical they may seem. As an immigrant in the United States, Schapira was nearly forced out of the country due to his expiring student visa status. By founding ABDB Designs, as well as achieving patent pending status, receiving small investments, and recruiting a co-founder to help build the company, Schapira was able to secure the prestigious E-2 Business Visa to stay in the country during a time of uncertainty, as the United States believes in ABDB strongly enough to allow him to pursue his dreams. Schapira would note additional achievements as completing the architecture program at Parsons in New York City, as well as curating successful ABDB pop-up events in multiple cities across the country.

ABDB Designs

ABDB Designs is a multidisciplinary start-up designing & handcrafting high end pieces of furniture and interior decor, using our patent pending process of stylistically embedding cross-cuts of recycled end grain in colored resin. As each disc of end grain is unique in itself, each piece by nature is a limited edition. Founded by 25-year old, French-born Djivan Schapira in 2016, ABDB stands for "Au Bout Du Bois" in French, which translates to "At the End of the Grain" in English. ABDB has a full collection of end tables, cocktail tables, and wall hangings, while also taking custom orders that are co-created with he client, and can be customized based on the size, color, and end grain design that the client envisions. ABDB's clients range from private clients to commercial and residential interior designers, developers, and architects. ABDB has completed commercial projects for world-renowned establishments such as the Hoxton Hotel and The Second City.