Hind Al Aayadhi Eidiyah Money Envelope
Eidiyah Money Envelope is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Giftware Design Award Category.
Eidiyah Money Envelope

Eidiyah money envelope is designed for children gifts on the day of Eid (a Muslim celebration). To place money in an envelope for Eid children gifts is a new practice. The use of envelopes contributes to organizing the gifting process. The main design feature of the envelope is its environment-friendly clasp, it doesn’t require glue for opening and closing; and therefore, can be used for a multiple of times. The hand-written greetings and vibrant colors reflect the festive occasion of Eid and add a modern touch to traditions.

Eidiyah Money Envelope
Hind Al Aayadhi Eidiyah
Hind Al Aayadhi Money Envelope
Hind Al Aayadhi design
Hind Al Aayadhi design
Hind Al Aayadhi

Hind Al Ayadhi is a Bahraini graphic designer. She developed a passion for creating patterns, children illustrations and stationery products from a young age. Hind’s designs are known for their vibrant colors, and the use of her Arabic whimsical handwriting. Culture and nature are major influences on her artwork, resulting in bright stationary products that are tailored to the needs of the society.


Hind686 is a start-up brand specialized in stationery and gift items, founded in Bahrain by Hind Al-Ayadhi in 2012, a graphic designer with more than ten years of experience in the visual design field. The passion for pattern, stationery and gift world is the main drive behind launching Hind686. Having in mind the limited Arabic stationery products available, Hind686 makes it its mission to create unique, practical and beautiful products that offer a new twist to the market in the GCC region. The main characteristic style of Hind686 is its hand-written typography, each specially written for every product, as well as the use of vibrant color options to most of its products. Hind686 aspires to become an international stationery and creative gifts provider, spreading happiness and colors into the world through vibrant tailored gifts and stationery.