Zhihao Guo Moo Multifunctional Holder
Moo Multifunctional Holder is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Homeware Design Award Category.
Moo Multifunctional Holder

Moo is an object with known-unknown form, which is both deeply familiar and unsubscribed and will find its' identity by asking people engaged with it to create. It is a multi-functional object that could be used in different scenes. Holder would be the first possible usage because of the clear indication of the four bumps on top. It could also be used as a paperweight, table sculpture, toy or massager, but the usage of it will not be limited to these.

Moo Multifunctional Holder
Zhihao Guo Moo
Zhihao Guo Multifunctional Holder
Zhihao Guo design
Zhihao Guo design
Zhihao Guo

Zhihao Guo is a designer and maker from China. She creates objects in ambiguous forms to explore the field between art and design. She tries to develop a fine lifestyle in the contemporary context through emphasizing aesthetic in design while connecting it back to functionality.

Zhihao Guo

Zhihao Guo is a designer and artist based in New York. She received an MFA degree in 3D design from Cranbrook Academy of art in 2018. Her work has a focus on emphasizing aesthetic and implanting playfulness in design while connecting them back to functionality, through which to create a fine lifestyle in contemporary living.