Evgeny Arinin Lumin A Table Lamp
Lumin A Table Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Lumin A Table Lamp

The freedom in production process allows to make impossible more easy to create. It leads to creation such a simple product which could reflect the possibility of specific angled design to be produced. As a result there is a well-looking object with a clear function and ordinary materials combined in different manner. The company was exited to research the combinations of materials in terms of providing it the well-fitted cooperation between them. Overall design is a combination of high-end finishing of semi-gloss metal from one side and contrast reflection from another.

Lumin A Table Lamp
Evgeny Arinin Lumin
Evgeny Arinin A Table Lamp
Evgeny Arinin design
Evgeny Arinin design
Evgeny Arinin

I born to change the world and make it way better than people has used to.

Arine Atelier

Evgeny Arinin is Industrial Designer from Moscow, Russia. Graduated from British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow in 2014. For last two years involved with transport and urban infrastructure working on Moscow Metro, Department of Transport of Moscow as a head specialist; British Design firm — Billings Jackson Design as an industrial design assistant and Russian Design studio — SHANDESIGN.PRO as an art–director.