Ivana Preiss Heer Breastfeeding Bench
Heer Breastfeeding Bench is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Heer Breastfeeding Bench

Heer is a bench for breastfeeding in public spaces. It's a small oasis of peace for moms and babies, a space they can come to rest and, if they want, even to isolate themselves from the hectic urban surroundings. Heer rotates, so moms can choose a position that suits them best. Heer gently rocks and calms both mom and baby. Heer has shields to offer privacy to moms that need it, and to protect babies from distraction. Heer is perfectly suited for airports, shopping centers, parks, public institutions. In other words, it fits wherever moms go because babies could be hungry anywhere.

Heer Breastfeeding Bench
Ivana Preiss Heer
Ivana Preiss Breastfeeding Bench
Ivana Preiss design
Ivana Preiss design
Ivana Preiss

52hours is product design studio from Prague that works with businesses across a range of industries that explore opportunities for product and service innovation. 52hours help businesses uncover surprising human insights and turn them into delightful products, services and experiences. 52hours work with people of different disciplines including anthropologists, designers, data scientists, brand and creative strategists, engineers and business designers. They are a two people company, a pop-up shop ready to go wherever its expertise is needed.


52hours is a product design studio from Prague working in product and service innovation. Its clients span from SMEs through to blue-chip enterprises across many industries including: Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Furniture & Furnishings. heer, a new brand of furniture focusing on making public spaces a bit more mama-friendly, is the first product in their portfolio.