Evgeny Arinin Fdo Multi-shaped Outlet
Fdo Multi-shaped Outlet is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Fdo Multi-shaped Outlet

To avoid troubles of existing sockets a new unique product was designed mostly to make it convenient and child safe. Thanks to its multi-functional patent pending pipe design the product especially made for B2B prevents a lot of troubles, allowing to use any kind of input device as well as detect the power consumption and voltage which is needed for the proper work.

Fdo Multi-shaped Outlet
Evgeny Arinin Fdo
Evgeny Arinin Multi-shaped Outlet
Evgeny Arinin design
Evgeny Arinin design
Evgeny Arinin

I born to change the world and make it way better than people has used to.

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