Hongyu Yu Shape Infrastructure Development
Shape Infrastructure Development is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Shape Infrastructure Development

The shape will not only be focusing on the finical involvement but it also devotes to provide a platform for each individual user to collaborate, create and shape their community. With the big data analyzation, it breaks the difficulty of traditional construction plan development. Besides contributing to the local residents, Shape will also ease the burden of city construction department as well as stimulate the related businesses, like supplies market and population employment.

Shape Infrastructure Development
Hongyu Yu Shape
Hongyu Yu Infrastructure Development
Hongyu Yu design
Hongyu Yu design
Hongyu Yu

As an Industrial designer, Hongyu is mainly focus on the strategies and branding development within the process of design. Nowadays, most of people are living in a fast-paced life, and the iterations of products becomes very frequent. In Hongyu’s opinion, the sustainable development will be an criteria to judge a product by consumer. They will not be likely attracted with the design has a complex element, under the principle of less is more, a successful product should be simple enough to express its identities and functionalities to user directly. In HongYu’s previous academic career, this becomes one of the most important design thinking that he follows with.

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ArtCenter offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide variety of art and design fields, and it It is one of the few schools to offer a degree in Interaction Design. In recognition of Art Center's commitment to addressing social and humanitarian issues through design, ArtCenter becomes the first design college to ever receive NGO (non-governmental organization) status by the United Nations.