Yuanyuan Wu Chinese Zodiac Red Packets
Chinese Zodiac Red Packets is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Chinese Zodiac Red Packets

The Chinese red packet tradition is about the reciprocity of giving and receiving. It’s a gesture of goodwill, that builds relationships among family and friends. 2019 is the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Pig - the animal that represents luck, good fortune, wealth, honesty and general prosperity. Its iconic design style merges Chinese festive elements with both abstract and figurative geometric shapes and bold colours inspired by the Nordic landscape and the fantastic designs of plant stems, petals, shells and snowflakes that are found in nature.

Chinese Zodiac Red Packets
Yuanyuan Wu Chinese Zodiac
Yuanyuan Wu Red Packets
Yuanyuan Wu design
Yuanyuan Wu design
Yuanyuan Wu

Yuanyuan Wu is a Chinese Norwegian illustrator and designer. She was born in China and studied graphic design and illustration in the China Academy of Art before she moved to Scandinavia. She has been living and working in Sweden and Norway for over 12 years. Yuan has won several international design awards and her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries, and published in magazines throughout China and Norway. Yuan is very interested in intercultural communication and creating illustrations and designs with cultural diversity and heritage.


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