Emad Amin Salameh Izhiman Premier Apothecary Shop
Izhiman Premier Apothecary Shop is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Izhiman Premier Apothecary Shop

The new Izhiman Premier store design evolved around creating a trendy and modern experience. The designer used a different mix of materials and details to serve each corner of the displayed items. Each display area was treated separately by studying the materials properties and the displayed goods. Creating a marriage of materials mixing between Calcutta marble, Walnut wood, Oak wood and Glass or Acrylic. As a result, the experience was based on each function and client preferences with a modern and elegant design compatible with the served displayed items.

Izhiman Premier  Apothecary Shop
Emad Amin Salameh Izhiman Premier
Emad Amin Salameh Apothecary Shop
Emad Amin Salameh design
Emad Amin Salameh design
Emad Amin Salameh

Architect Emad Salameh founded SADDA design and build in 2009. Salameh have an experience working with multinational companies in Amman, Saudi Arabia, and New York City. At SADDA, Salameh act as the director for wide range of projects offering architectural and interior design services for residential, retail and office spaces. As well as construction management and branding. SADDA would also provide access to products and materials that would complement the design services provided such as furniture, decorations, home and office accessories. SADDA ensures a smooth and consistent design and build process with illimitable innovation & creativity, that is unique from concept to implementation.

SADDA design and build

SADDA design and build was first launched in 2008. Founder/CEO Emad Salameh’s passion for modern, minimal design was reflected in projects to come and further asserted as the company grew. The company’s focus was on creating experiences that users can enjoy through visionary and advanced design solutions. Today, SADDA design and build offers a complete design and construction process with an extensive range of services that include: Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Management, Facility Management, and Branding. SADDA handle major projects & accounts in Jordan providing smooth and reliable design process with boundless innovation & creativity. SADDA introduced Izhiman Premier in 2017 with a new trendy and modern design. Izhiman premier extended roots from the nineteenth century and Jerusalem's heritage were met in Bab Al Amud when the first store was established under Izhiman family based brand. It was a pioneer project in the field of coffee making shop as it was the first shop in Jerusalem then. Izhiman Premier concern is always to be distinguished by choosing the best sources green coffee and using best methods of preparation, and follow up the most recent techniques and technologies.