BASI Systems Wunda Pilates Equipment
Wunda Pilates Equipment is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Wunda Pilates Equipment

Wunda is a newly designed Pilates equipment that offers features concentrated into a single equipment for Pilates workout. It is designed to inspire the discovery of one's true strenghth. Fine tuning adjustability and materials chosen for active use accommodates the exerciser in a comfortable way. Designed with functional angles and smooth transitions, Wunda is a compact equipment to fit into studios, homes and SPA's for daily Pilates workout.

Wunda Pilates Equipment
BASI Systems Wunda
BASI Systems Pilates Equipment
BASI Systems design
BASI Systems design
BASI Systems

Ceylan Ucgun completed her design degree in London in 2004 and began her career concentrating in the carton packaging and display industry. She later focused her research to sports equipment design and became one of the founders of BASI Systems Pilates Equipment. In the center of her discipline lies understanding of how human life is improved by good design, she is inspired by legendary designers and their interpretation of the value of everyday objects. She is deeply inspired by contemporary production techniques and environmental responsibilities. Her goal is to reinvent herself to simplify her designs to the necessities of hectic daily life. She plays an active role in supporting local students on their educational journey.

BASI Systems

BASI Systems, founded in 2015, is a Pilates equipment design and manufacturing company that creates new generation of equipment to unleash true freedom of movement. Inspired by the decades of research of the leading Pilates education company BASI Pilates, BASI Systems brings the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials to build equipment with biomechanical and aesthetic integrity. Our aim is to design modular and versatile equipment with powerful adjustability that suits the users exercise needs and requirements of limited space. We work with Pilates professionals all over the world who strive for strength, athleticism, rehabilitation and the joy of healthy movement. After years of research and development, we introduced BASI Systems equipment as a dynamic vehicle for the Pilates community.