Hongchuan Zhao The Ink Of Life Fading Pencils
The Ink Of Life Fading Pencils is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Art and Stationery Supplies Design Award Category.
The Ink Of Life Fading Pencils

The background of this design is that designers observed when people use pencils, there will be imagination about pencil consumption and transformation. The consumption of pencils is actually what designers are trying to create, and they always hope that the result of this kind of creation is good. Therefore, they create a kind of beautiful disappearance to present the poetic imagination of consumption, so that people can feel the beautiful shape change and the beautiful imagination of pencil.

The Ink Of Life Fading Pencils
Hongchuan Zhao The Ink Of Life
Hongchuan Zhao Fading Pencils
Hongchuan Zhao design
Hongchuan Zhao design
Hongchuan Zhao

He is currently a Chinese university student studying product design. He is interested in design and has a spirit of exploration different from others. What is good design? What purpose should design serve? It's a question he's been thinking about. For him, design is a fun thing, and design should be something that must be considered. Design, he argues, stems from the observation of life and attempts to provide a way for others to think.

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This is a design for people who use pencils a lot. There are some emotional changes that occur in their use of the pencil, and these emotional changes are an image of a good outcome. As the pencils get shorter and disappear during their use, they will feel that the disappearance is worth and beautiful, because it indicates that the final work they have made is almost finished. So they can feel pleasure and satisfaction in the process.