Fernando Pastre Fertonani Riolax Curie Spa
Riolax Curie Spa is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Luxury Design Award Category.
Riolax Curie Spa

Iconic, clean and innovative, Curie is the largest Acrylic Shell Spa in Brazil and it aims to bring a totally new experience to the user. Curie brings in its essence the balance between form and function and its design is a result of the quest for inspirations in several areas and products, which guaranteed to the project creative materials and processes. The 'Curie' name, also reflects the grandeur of the product, referring to one of the greatest icons of the history, Marie Curie, associated always with pioneering, innovation and technology.

Riolax Curie  Spa
Fernando Pastre Fertonani Riolax Curie
Fernando Pastre Fertonani Spa
Fernando Pastre Fertonani design
Fernando Pastre Fertonani design

Riolax is one of the leading brands in the spa and hot tubs industry, located in Brazil, with international acting. The company has an strong focus on the user and one of the main pillars of Riolax philosophy is the commitment to satisfaction, translated in the search for innovation, technology and sustainability. Established in 2009 they are the first company to have a franchisee network of spas and hot tubs in Brazil, and they has actuation all over the country.