GBO Innovation makers Ellips MSI4 Fruit and Vegetable Scanner
Ellips MSI4 Fruit and Vegetable Scanner is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Agricultural Tools, Farming Equipment and Machinery Design Award Category.
Ellips MSI4 Fruit and Vegetable Scanner

The Ellips MSI4 can grade the quality of fruit based on scanning technology. This hi-tech application needed a design that fitted but remained functional. Accurate alignment of the cameras result in optimal use of the space within the camera housing, in fact, it has become smaller than its predecessor. The scanner is able to scan from different angles because of its unique suspension system. The appearance of the machine has a robust character and fits within its environment. It is a future-proof product ready for grading fruit and vegetables at an unbelievably accurate level.

Ellips MSI4 Fruit and Vegetable Scanner
GBO Innovation makers Ellips MSI4
GBO Innovation makers Fruit and Vegetable Scanner
GBO Innovation makers design
GBO Innovation makers design
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The accuracy and flexibility of our grading technology enable Ellips to deliver unmatched value to our customers. Fruit and vegetables end up in the right place and less food is wasted. The entire grading process is more efficient and customers get consistent quality. Data is captured through the entire process. This can be used to optimize operational performance.