SUN JIAN Zhe Gu Tea Environmental Packing
Zhe Gu Tea Environmental Packing is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Zhe Gu Tea Environmental Packing

The high-end packaging originated from an obstruct conception of Buddhism as the Chinese word “Kon”. Buddhist pursues ethereality and integrity. The packaging consisted of three parts. The connection between tea leaves and hands of Buddha express the pattern, which is look like a combination of leaves and a hand. After baked, the tea leaves of Zhe Gu tea turn into ball, which is like the shape of Buddha beads. By spelling out the landscape paintings with tea balls, it expresses the Buddhist mood –see the mountain as not mountain, see the water as not water .

Zhe Gu Tea Environmental Packing
SUN JIAN Environmental Packing
SUN JIAN design
SUN JIAN design

my name is Sun Jian, SunDesign founder. Visiting Professor of Nantong University Effie Awards Greater China Judge, Member of Academic Committee of China Advertising Association, Member of Academic Committee of China Dyeing and Weaving Art Research Center, Researcher at Xiong'an Development Institute Visiting Fellow, Huaqiao University I'm used to work on the largest advertising company in Japan. In the cross-border of brand design and advertising creativity, a unique design concept and style has been formed. Combine brand design and strategy. In the field of brand consulting and design, Services include brand design strategy, advertising creativity, event public relations, packaging design, book binding, digital interaction, brand naming, environmental design and research services to help customers at home and abroad build brands. We have established a strategic partnership with the Effie Awards Greater China for brand image design. I work has won multiple design awards in Europe, Oceania, Asia and the United States. Including the best prize in the German Red Dot Award Italian Design Award German iF Design Award American IDEA Design Award German National Design Award, Australian Good Design Award American Muse Design Award Gold Asian Design Award K Design Awardetc.

SunDesign Brand&design(beijing)

SunDesign was estabulished in Beijing in 2014. SunDesign manufacturing department brings international modern brief design to brands. Be brief, delicate and international is the design conception of Sun Design. Sun Design hopes that its can create more brands of unique features together with their partners by virtue of its accurate grasp of brand,the design accuracy and international viewpoint of easten and western culture. To improve its reputation in worldwide, we cooperate with the large national enterprises. We design brand image for international famous brand. The team leader of the desigh team came from the 2008 Olympics game designing team and used to work for Dentsu Group.His unique design conception and style formed during dual clash bewteen brand design and advertisement initiation.