Peter Assenga Extra Sharp Print Advert
Extra Sharp Print Advert is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Extra Sharp Print Advert

The brief required us to create a print advert that is visually driven and captures the essence of the product and what it does. My concept is based on the predatory analogy to dramatize the sharpness of Wüsthof chef’s knife. The T-rex (chef’s knife) will effortlessly slice through your larger chunks of meat.

Extra Sharp Print Advert
Peter Assenga Extra Sharp
Peter Assenga Print Advert
Peter Assenga design
Peter Assenga

Peter Assenga is an award winning designer and art director living in Dar es salaam, who's often found working quietly in a remote studio in Arusha. Peter produces words, images things and ideas for himself and clients. His work has won numerous design awards and been featured in magazine worldwide. On his free time, he enjoys experimenting with new materials, reading, visiting friends studios and enjoying good food. He is currently working to launch Louder Than Swahili a platform that celebrates creativity of the Swahili from culture in both literature and art.

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