NICO UEBERHOLZ Brumberg Light & Building Fair Stand
Brumberg Light & Building Fair Stand is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Brumberg Light & Building Fair Stand

As a symbolic representation of the region the company is based in, the Sauerland spruce forest is depicted on semi-transparent ceiling-high gauze fabric. Spruce scent invites visitors to a multi-sensory experience in the exhibition. A modular, reusable mullion and transom construction emphasizes the architectural design of building structures. Pulsating light leads visitors to the different communication and product areas in the exhibit. The highlight for visitors is the VITA LED ROOM, an audio-visual experience that can be controlled using Alexa. A room which seems endless.

Brumberg Light & Building Fair Stand
NICO UEBERHOLZ Brumberg Light & Building

We create meeting places which become to long-lived Memory in the visitors head Nico Ueberholz, founder and CEO Ueberholz GmbH COMMUNICATION give the face a living Nico Ueberholz and his creative team are specialists in all areas around the architectural design of communicative venues. This includes both the temporary spaces of exhibition stands and events, as well as shop and exhibition design and the complex issues of museum architecture. All arising there areas to be worked out in detail and implemented by competent own or partner companies in a complex all-round solution. Goods or service presentations, lighting concepts and color and shapes merge with the other relevant areas of communication taking into account the company's philosophy and general brand image into a harmonious whole. Unusual solutions help the core statements of the company and let the respective result at a resounding success revive. From the creative DIALOG for individual SOLUTION for the common SUCCESS At the beginning of each project the Ueberholz GmbH intensive dialogue is to define customer-oriented desires, needs and requirements clear. Current trends and psychological findings are also here with a how visionary digressions into new spheres of conceivable possibility. The resulting customized solution includes an overall concept of the planning preparation to the practical execution of every desired details with individual care. Ueberholz GmbH Office for temporary architecture Vorm Eichholz 2e 42119 Wuppertal Telephone 02 02/280 96 -0 Fax 02 02/280 96-66

Brumberg-Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG

Brumberg makes luminaires for lighting solutions. Light. For generations, our aim is to serve the respective space requirements in architecture with intelligent, sensible and controllable luminaires. Just like a forest that is always "right" for everyone at different times of the day and year.