Yinqiu Xie SG Design Office
SG Design Office is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
SG Design Office

This project is designed for the office space of a design studio. The designer has adopted an architectural language to design the space, and through the contrast and fusion of light and dark, lines and surfaces, to express a deeper and traditional musical appeal. A white wall in the entrance and aisle area gives a sharp and concise feel. The three-dimensional space in this case use only spatial angles and lighting, and the rest is almost endless white. Minimalist, white space is full of fun.

SG Design Office
Yinqiu Xie SG Design
Yinqiu Xie Office
Yinqiu Xie design
Yinqiu Xie design
Yinqiu Xie

Xie Yinqiu, well-known interior designer, founder of SG Design Studio. In recent years, he has won many awards for interior design at home and abroad. He is good at using modern concise aesthetic spirit to develop multi-dimensional description of space, and expresses rich and pure design essence by means of restraint and balance, representation and internal contradiction and unity. He believes that the designer's thinking is a combination of perception and rationality, and the design work is actually a manifestation of inconsistency. He likes to use design vocabulary to deconstruct the spatial connotation, and persists in deducing the design to the extreme, creating wonderful design works repeatedly.

SG Design Studio

SG Design Studio was founded by designer Xie Yinqiu in 2009. With the three-dimensional value concept of "business + aesthetics + humanity", the company is committed to the overall planning service of modern light luxurious commercial space, and its works have repeatedly won domestic and international awards.