Nicole Chai Kumala Reserve Corporate Identity
Kumala Reserve Corporate Identity is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Kumala Reserve Corporate Identity

The purpose of the rebranding for Kumala Reserve was to truly link the brand's country of origin - South Africa and attract younger wine drinkers by associating the brand with ancient South African art and giving it a mysterious touch. The elements of South African art, such as masks, fabric patterns, rustic typefaces and rock cracks has been incorporated into the design with the attempt to arouse consumers' fantasies about ancient South African spirit and culture.

Kumala Reserve Corporate Identity
Nicole Chai Kumala Reserve
Nicole Chai Corporate Identity
Nicole Chai design
Nicole Chai design
Nicole Chai

This project is an industrial collaborative project that Nicole did when she was studying at Kingston University. Kumala Reserve is a premium wine brand from South Africa. Nicole Chai is a freelance graphic designer based in UK specialising in brand design. After she gained her Master degree in Communication Design, she gained a MSc degree in Marketing and Brand Management out of her passion for branding and marketing. She has been working with a lot of small and medium companies to help them develop their brands.